Real estate that puts people first

Imagine that! As a former coal miner, I understand the value of the hardworking people in our community (read more here). So I’m your blue-collar hard working realtor. And you and I are changing things as we sell and buy homes…

Can a realtor save you thousands of dollars? Can your home sell within 1 week? Can your property on the market get promoted using a realtor’s personal spotlight? These questions challenge the status quo because I’m setting a new standard for the housing market. Because that’s what heroes do.

Heroism is investing in other people’s needs and a high moral cause. In this case, I rescue your real estate experience from wasted time and money and put my earnings toward a better tomorrow in Gillette. Learn more here.

The name’s Collier… Will Collier. 

Coal miner turned Realtor

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10 Acres in an Amazing Location

10 Acres in an amazing location north of town right...Read More→


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Why work with will?

Helping Gillette prosper through giving

honesty & Hard work

I’m your trusted partner in real estate. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it’s important to choose an honest, caring, and hardworking realtor who puts your needs first. This makes your experience as smooth as Rico Suave.

Catching you more money in your pocket during home sales

you can save thousands

If you’re concerned about traditional realtor’s fees, I am too! It’s practically a crime spree out there. Working with me ensures you get the biggest earnings from the sale of your home because of the lowest commission rate in Gillette.

My superpower is to make home sell for the greatest earning

Things may move very fast

I like to get things done. If you’re ready to make a decision to buy or sell, or if you’re just testing the waters, I’ll move at your pace. But often times my listings are pending within 1 week, so hold on to your butt!

Take their word for it, not mine
Gillette real estate market help

The company spirit is a Phoenix

I believe in rising above challenges and making impactful choices with my time. This business is based on the idea that real estate can be better, simpler, and more rewarding for you. I’m here to help you make the best decision as a homeowner and future homeowner, despite an industry full of noise and fake promises.

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Real Estate really doesn’t go anywhere without great lending groups. These are trusted partners who I work with every day – literally. Say hello to my lender friends!

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There’s bound to be a hitch in the plans somewhere. Don’t worry… I know a guy! When things go wrong I’ve learned who to trust to get your deal back on track.

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Food & Drink

After closing on your deal, you ought to go celebrate! These are great places where I love to take clients, coworkers, family, and friends. Sorry… no droids allowed.

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Gillette isn’t really known for its entertainment so it’s important to have the inside scoop. Especially during the 6 months of Hoth weather every year.

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If you’re putting your children in public school, there are some local preferences. Not quite like School of Rock, but there are some gems.

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New to Gillette?

Welcome to the energy capital of the nation! We’re in a state famous for its firsts… the first national park was Yellowstone, the first national monument was Devil’s Tower, and the first state to offer women the right to vote was Wyoming.

If you’re willing to experience some firsts of your own, then enjoy my resources page. You should be able to find any category of life you need to know about.


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Open Houses

Upcoming open houses are an incredible way to get your foot in the door in the housing market. You’ll get a taste of a variety of homes, eat free food, get a chance at winning door prizes, and discover what you love or don’t in Gillette housing. Not to mention… Sometimes you just need something fun to do – especially in winter! Click to see when the next one is scheduled!